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When Summer fills the veins with light
The iridescent waters, the bounty of the forest and garden,

the green hills and even the vast sky smell like life.
We invite you to experience a small piece of this magic with us,

in the unforgettable We Love Mystic gathering 2023

Why We Love Mystic?
We call ourselves mystics because we seek a direct connection with the Divine.
We look within and we look around and we find it. Spirit lives everywhere.
The ability to love is a finest mystery. It is important to experience and preserve it,

and as we come together we continually discover and strengthen this connection.

All the details you'll need:

We offer accommodation in the beautiful Briņģi manor,

or in your own tent in the manor garden.

The number of places in Bringi Manor are limited.








Full Retreat:
Per person: 99 EUR
Family - 144 EUR

(2 adults + children)
Food not included

(to be requested when filling in the application)

Additional options:
Sleeping at the manor - 15 EUR/pers.
5 vegan meals - 40 EUR/pers.
Kids meals - 15 euro

One day entrance - 50 EUR
One day family entrance -

90 EUR

Additional options for one day:
2 vegan meals - 16 EUR
2 kids meals - 6 EUR

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